Ice Climbing

Simply put, Rifle Mountain Park is the best limestone sport climbing destination in North America.”

– Wolverine Publishing

“Rifle Mountain Park – the secret’s out – a MUST SEE on your vacation to Colorado!”

“Rock Climbing Colorado: Five Spots Not to Be Missed!”


Rifle Mountain Park

If you’re feeling really adventurous, Rifle Mountain Park features world-famous rock climbing and ice climbing opportunities. Rifle Mountain Park, a narrow box canyon, located just 13 miles North of Rifle, serves as one of America’s premiere sport climbing destinations. The 2.5 miles of steep limestone walls that comprise Rifle Mountain Park contain a wealth of routes. Most of the routes are for advanced climbers, but a beginning climber can still find plenty to have fun with. The climbing season runs from mid-April through late October.

Ice Climbing at Rifle Mountain Park

Rifle Mountain Park contains an unbelievable concentration of standard setting climbing. Known for it’s overhanging enduro-fests, caves and “meat” walls, it’s the ultimate rock climber’s paradise!   With name’s like Noble’s Wife, Call the Cops, Don’t Point That Thing At Me, Swamp Monster, and the Anti-Phil Wall – there are over 100 routes to choose from!

Before you head out to Rifle Mountain Park, you’ll need this ultimate Rock Climber’s reference guide!

When the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop, the ice-climbing season begins. From late December through March, ice climbers can be found scaling the frozen waterfalls and smears of ice that cling to the limestone walls. Other visitors to the ice caves can enjoy hiking behind the frozen waterfalls or along Rifle Creek, which typically flows year round.

Climbers can pay a daily entrance fee or purchase a yearly pass. Camping is available in designated sites. Visit Rifle’s City Hall – Recreation Department (200 Railroad Avenue – downtown Rifle) for Rifle Mountain Park passes.

Rifle Arch

A short drive north of Rifle on Highway 13 will take you to the Rifle Arch trailhead. The 60 foot tall sandstone arch spans 150 feet

wide and is unique because it stands alone in the Grand Hogbacks. This 1-2 hour hike will take you to the arch and reveal grand views of the Colorado River Valley, small wildlife and deer, and the Grand Mesa. Although it is not advised to climb directly on the immediate vicinity of the arch itself, there are many other established routes that rock climbers enjoy directly nearby.

Before you head out to the Rifle Arch, you’ll need this ultimate Rock Climber’s reference guide!