Government Affairs

Take Action, get evolved …  contact your local representatives or attend an upcoming meeting.

Click here to view information on the next upcoming City of Rifle City Council Meeting

Click here to view information on the next upcoming Town of Silt Board of Trustees Meeting

City of Rifle City Council Contact:

Randy Winkler, Mayor
Phone:  970-309-1388

Barbara Clifton, Mayor Pro Tem
Phone:  970-625-2410

Joe Elliott, Councilor
Phone:  970-379-1174

Ed Green, Councilor
Phone:  970-456-8605

Theresa Hamilton, Councilor
Phone:   970-366-6683

Annick Pruett, Councilor
Phone:  970-987-1594

Dana Wood, Councilor
Phone:  970-389-9510

Town of Silt Board of Trustees Contact:

Rick Aluise, Mayor

Bryan Fleming, Mayor Pro-Tem

TJ Tucker, Trustee

Keith Richel, Trustee

Sonny Fernandez, Trustee

Dylan Lewis, Trustee

Aron Diaz, Trustee

See the Latest Agenda for the Board of County Commissioners

Contact your Garfield County Commissioners:

Mike Samson

John Martin

Tom Jankovsky

Garfield County Website

Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI)

Your voice can be heard on the issues you, your business and your employees care about.  Click here to register for the Colorado Prosperity Project and the Colorado Grassroots Advocacy Group.  Both are FREE!  You CAN make a difference and protect and enhance Colorado’s economic climate!

Contact Your State Legislators:

Senator: Randy Baumgartner

Representative: Bob Rankin

Current Bills

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Interested in FEDERAL ISSUES that affect your business?

Your voice can be heard on national issues that are important to you.  Contact your legislators…take action! This is a free service!

Contact your U.S. Senators:

Senator Michael Bennet: 202-224-5853 Local: 970-241-6631

Senator Cory Gardner:  202-225-4676   Local:  7205083937

Representative Scott Tipton 202-225-4761 Local: 970-245-7107

Club 20

The voice of the Western Slope looks at all issues affecting the twenty-two counties on the Western Slope including include Agriculture, Business Affairs, Energy, Health Care, Higher Education, Natural Resources, Public Lands, Telecommunications, Tourism, Transportation and Water.

Club 20’s Policy Statements

Find out more about Club 20’s lobbying efforts.

Additional Links you Will Find Helpful:

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How a Bill Becomes a Law

How to Testify Before a Legislative Committee

Glossary of Terms