About the Chamber

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally.

It comes from what you do consistently.

Through creative and innovative action, we are moving the culture of this organization to one that progresses from good…to GREAT and establishes significance to our members and partners! The following outlines the framework and principles that serve as the foundation of YOUR CHAMBER.


Your Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving the business community of Western Garfield County by engaging in partnerships to strategically and significantly strengthen the business climate of the region.


Your Chamber of Commerce is the organization that affords significant involvement in the business community. It is the “must join” business organization for those who strive for business leadership and excellence.

Who We Are

Your Chamber is an association of businesses, political entities, organizations and individuals dedicated to strengthening the business environment of Western Garfield County.

What We Provide

Your Chamber advances the regional economy through leadership in collaboration with decision-makers for business advocacy and by strategically facilitating businesses ability to adapt to changes in economic drivers. Your Chamber offers a TOOLBOX of business and leadership education, network and business development, market information, representation of business interests, and community knowledge and connection to our members.

Where We Are Going

Through our resources, leadership, partnerships and programing, we will offer tangible opportunities that make a difference in your business and promote a sustainable, fiscally-responsible economy.