What is a Chamber of Commerce Anyway?

What is a Chamber of Commerce Anyway?
A chamber of commerce is a membership organization that exists primarily to represent and promote the interests of its member businesses. Many chambers of commerce, especially those organized at the local level, also work to develop and deepen local relationship networks to promote business activity.
A chamber collectively acts on behalf of its members, much like a spokesperson, communicating their desires for the betterment of the community to parties in power that can see them to fruition. This may mean working with municipal, county and state governments, other organizations, or groups of businesses either directly or through facilitation of conversations.
Although chambers differ, they usually have the following goals: building attractive communities, ensuring the advancement of the community via a pro-business climate, promoting the community, and representing the voice of the business community.
Chambers of commerce have an interest in building and promoting local businesses in the hopes that the success of the business leads to prosperity in the community. In other words, chambers are advocates of the community at large.
A common misconception is that chambers of commerce are funded by the communities they serve. While most municipalities and county governments are members of their local chambers they don’t provide funding, other than their dues to the chamber. They are members same as any other business. This prevents any conflicts of interest when the chamber facilities conversations on behalf of businesses with these entities.
It is only through our membership that chambers of commerce can work to promote our communities.

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